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Blogs and news sections are important elements of a well-designed website.


Because regularly updating your website with great content brings more people to it. It also positions your business as an industry expert and provides valuable resources to readers. Read my blog for copywriting tips and educational articles.

According to HubSpot, one of the top content marketing companies, blogging is and will remain an essential game plan to reach your audience.

Businesses who have a regularly updated blog/news section on their website get 67% more leads. That’s because web copy is an important part of any effective SEO strategy.

more leads
higher chance of being ranked
more links back to your website
people more engaged

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The Story Behind the little typewriter’s Logo

Brand stories help create a connection with your audience. Learn the story behind the little typewriter's brand, which stems from the Japanese word Kintsugi.
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Web Copywriter Process: What You Get for Your Dollar

How much does a web copywriter charge? Perth copywriter Jayde Walker compares Australian costs vs value and what you get when you hire a digital copywriter.
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5 Tips to be Festive and Focused this Christmas

Learn how to stay on track this holiday season. Tips to unplug and balance festivity with focus as you bring in the New Year.
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Perth Copywriter

A Day in the Life of a Perth Copywriter

What does a copywriter do? The short answer. That person who writes everything. But the job of a Perth copywriter is much more than crafting clever sentences for digital or print mediums.
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