5 Benefits of Using a Blog Writing Service

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Did you know, blog writing is part of the success of your competitors and the creatives you admire?

It’s not uncommon to get blog envy from it either. After all, how do business owners find the commitment to consistent blog posts when they’re busy with clients and building their brand? Many choose to outsource to a creative blog writing service. 

Blogging takes effort and creative energy. 

When you run a small business, balancing your website’s content with other commitments can be a challenge. 

If you want to provide real value, there’s behind-the-scenes planning critical to understanding your audience and the type of content they need. Creating these content strategies relies on time and in-depth research. Without it, you’re writing blind and missing the full benefits of a blog – for business and your site users.  

So what do you do?

Using a blog writing service keeps you more engaged in your field, while a professional handles the copy that engages your audience. When you outsource your blog content to a copywriter, we do the hard work for you and create stronger connections with your target market. 

Here’s why small businesses should invest in blog support.

1. You Gain Trackable, Sustainable Results

Effective blog content gets results. By uncovering what makes your audience tick and writing content for them, you gain organic and qualified traffic which leads to more enquiries, leads and sustainable results.

When you craft content for your audience and use the right search terms, regular blogging:

  • Increases your search visibility
  • Helps you stay relevant in the search results
  • Leads to higher organic rankings
  • Gives you targeted, trackable traffic

2. You’ll Put More Time Back into Your Business and Personal Life

Time is precious, especially in a world that’s so fast-paced. Blogs that are professionally written help you take back your time and focus more on what you do best. You save money, time and energy – all valuable resources for personal life and other areas in your business. 

It’s my job, as a qualified SEO copywriter, to weave your brand into blog articles that connect and promote your business in an influential way. Outsourcing your blog gives you this high-quality content in less time.

the average blog posts takes 3 hours 16 minutes to write

3. You can Convert Visitors 

Effective content that adds value can convert your site visitors into loyal customers. 

There are a few ways you can use your blog to do this:

  • Nurture and convert your readers with informative articles
  • Inspire them to take action with well-constructed CTAs in each blog post
  • Create more consistent content, which turns your business into a trusted source 

Not all blog readers will convert, and that’s okay. The most important step is to create a plan and start blogging. Include CTAs throughout, set benchmarks, strive to improve them monthly and watch the results build over time.

4. You get a Professional Copywriter Who Knows How to Write for Google 

Most creatives can write a blog. But getting it done professionally, by someone who knows how to write for your audience and Google, has benefits. 

You’ll get:

  • Quality, educational content (with high-volume search terms so the right people see it)
  • More meaningful connections with your audience (with intent-focused content)
  • The SEO expertise needed to write for humans and Google (with an SEO copywriter vs a copywriter)
  • Content fine-tuned for your audience and search engine optimisation (with helpful copy and calls to action)
  • Results long after the initial post (as blogs continue to attract new leads well into the future)

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first
Are you pleasing both parties? Learn more.

5. You’ll Unlock Engaging, Audience-Specific Content

The best business blogs feed readers with information they’re already looking for. An effective blog allows people to research a solution and contact you when they’re ready to buy or use your services. 

Articles should answer common questions they have and speak to their pain points, needs and wants. That means valuable and engaging content that doesn’t just promote your services or products.

Creative SEO copywriters place a greater emphasis on storytelling, an essential ingredient to effective content. By working together they can craft content accessible to your audience, with the research and search terms to give your content its best shot in Google’s algorithms. 

How to Find the Right Blog Content Writing Services in Australia

Start with someone who’s aligned with your brand’s values and has the skill, experience and ardour to create content that sparks connections. 

A professional blog writing service in Australia will:

  • Have expert knowledge of your industry
  • Research, write, edit and amplify your blog content
  • Understand the importance of SEO
  • Find content gaps and cover them
  • Be up-to-date with major search engine’s best practices
  • Put your audience at the centre of every story
  • Be cost-effective and charge based on a project or hourly rate, with transparent fees, frameworks and processes – remember, cheaper isn’t always better

green coffee mug with a notebook, pen and words

I’m a creative copywriter who offers blog writing services in Perth, helping brands Australia-wide. My journalistic, writing and SEO experience gives me the skills needed to craft insightful copy for businesses like yours. 

Ready to see my blog writing services?

Start a conversation with your audience through one-off articles and regular blog management.

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