A Day in the Life of a Perth Copywriter

Being a creative copywriter in Perth feels like the Chandler Bing or Barney Stinson of jobs. Not everyone knows or understands what the job of a copywriter involves. 

When people ask what I do, I almost see their thought bubble; Google Docs on-screen and frantically punching the keyboard, lurking in shadows of computers and books. Well, there’s an element of truth there. 

Then they’ll ask “what does a copywriter do?”

The short answer?

That person who writes everything:

  • SEO copywriting – Read SEO copywriting FAQs
  • Web copy
  • Regular blog content
  • Enticing headlines
  • Product/service descriptions 
  • Ad copy
  • Case studies
  • Client and customer stories 
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Brochures
  • Award submissions 
  • Press releases 
  • Bios 
  • Social media posts

But the job of a creative content writer in Perth is much more than crafting clever sentences for digital or print mediums. 

Skip ahead to the contents below or keep reading for some background into why I’m qualified to answer your question.


I’m almost in my seventh year as a professional copywriter in Perth. Add 17 years of music journalism to the mix, putting pen to paper has been engraved in my soul for a long time. View my portfolio

After I resigned from my office job as the Senior Content Writer for a digital marketing agency, that dreaded 4:00 am alarm no longer exists. Creativity, for me, strikes later. I’m a night owl. And one of the best parts about starting the little typewriter is dictating flexible hours to suit what works.

Although many will disagree (productivity tends to be a ‘morning thing’), I prefer to start my day later as this is where I achieve more for my clients. 9-5, or my old 5:00 am – 2:30 pm, isn’t a schedule that’s sustainable longterm for many creative minds. 

Now, my day starts with a bearable wakeup alarm, a super-powder smoothie or caffeine fix and whatever is on the menu for breakfast before I drop my husband to work.  

What Does a Copywriter in Perth Do?

Contrary to what people often assume copywriters don’t write physical content all day.  

In short, skilled copywriters are creatives who motivate readers to take action by writing copy and content for audience (customer) engagement. The Internet is heavily content-based. Copywriters are the superheroes who keep the net’s engine running.  

Whilst content writing days are always varied, here’s a snapshot of the tasks I perform on a regular basis as a creative copywriter in Perth. 

1. To-Do Lists

Most copywriters start the day with general admin tasks. Content plans, proposals, calculating quotes, scheduling social media posts, recording expenses etc. 

If I haven’t done so the night before, I write my to-do lists ready to action. I’ll check content schedules for upcoming deadlines to ensure client projects are on track. Mentally, I’m preparing my day.

Copywriting involves juggling many tasks, managing time efficiently and meeting deadlines. Without to-do lists and content schedules, it’s impossible to prioritise and stay afloat.

I like to start the day with quick, easier tasks and work my way up to more pressing jobs. The writing part of the job may not start until after 2:00 pm and when I’m in the flow, emails or messages are on hold until the next “break”. 

2. Client Communication 

Responding to emails can take up a huge chunk of the day. Email etiquette and timely responses are important, so I dedicate time to this first. 

I keep my clients up-to-date with their content projects as good communication is key to all relationships. For any regular blogs I’m managing, I’ll use this time to check Google Analytics for top-performing content and the backend of the CMS (Content Management Systems) and notify of any immediate changes that need attention.

Part of this step includes responding to messages or job opportunities on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and drawing up proposals.

3. Edit and Finish Content Jobs 

Where possible, I prefer to leave articles and copy editing until the next day. Although I’ll always edit after I finish the piece, final edits and completing jobs are best left after time to disconnect. I check grammatical errors, writing flow and tone of voice to ensure it’s on-brand. Web copy must be written for humans and optimised for Google. I’ll tick off all the essentials before a second editor reads over ready to send to the client. 

4. Plan and Strategise

Before I start my next content project, I plan, strategise, pitch and outline. 

You should never write a piece of content without keyword research and a strategy in place. A big part of being an SEO copywriter involves understanding how people search online, what keyword phrases they’re using and whether certain topics are trending up or down. There are multiple tools to find data needed to create the right blog articles for your audience.

Brainstorming new blog topics for either a client’s website or my own is one of my favourite tasks because of the creativity involved. But copywriters are full-brained individuals – we also use the analytical side of our brains to execute content deliverables. 

5. Research, Research, Research 

Which brings us to research. A lot of research. 

Strategic, data-driven research is the blueprint for successful content. I allocate an hour for research. Technical topics may need more.

No matter the type of content, research is priority. Some clients will provide a lot of information as a starting point but independent research is still essential to understand subject material, client and their industry, products/services. 

Part of the research stages includes headlines. Writing multiple iterations of the same headline is important for creative processes and to grab the reader’s attention. I then run it through CoSchedule to review its emotional impact, power and overall score. 

6. Content Creation 


The part where I crack my knuckles, fuel up and dive into what I do best – writing. 

The average blog post takes 3 hours and 57 minutes to write, up a whopping 65% since 2014. For an onsite article I’ll allow 5 hours; 1 hour of research, 3 – 3.5 hours of writing and 30 minutes to an hour of editing. An offsite (outreach) article needs more. See next point.

Quality content, onsite and offsite, are crucial parts of a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. The process involves more than writing an article or web page. Metadata needs to be written (the snippet of text that appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), images optimised with alt tags and content plans developed. 

Content plans are locked in on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis. All content is optimised for readers first, Google second and are either placed onsite or outreached to an external online publication.  

7. Outreach and Link Building

Web copywriting is only part of the content marketing puzzle. Placing content and building relationships with relevant local publishers is key to build a healthy backlink profile. 

Content outreach is time-consuming but necessary. It’s about building real relationships with real people. Copywriters use a pyramid of skills to gain exposure for each piece of content. Think of it as online Public Relations. 

7 hours are reserved to write and place outreach (offsite) articles. However, there are no guarantees for how long the process can take or when your article goes live. It can be a round-the-clock job and there’s a specific art to reaching out to the right platforms. 

8. Onsite Optimisation 

Once an article or web page is live the work doesn’t stop there. 

Onsite optimisation is a constant work in progress to tweak, test and implement. It’s a job that evolves as your website grows. Small changes can create a big impact on rankings. It may be something as simple as updating metadata, URL and images, or optimising and updating existing copy to make it more relevant for your audience. 

I don’t provide technical SEO as an individual service. But because content and SEO go hand-in-hand, all web copy needs to be crawled, indexed and understood by Google for it to perform. I make sure to tick those boxes and readers can use and find the content they’re looking for. View my copywriting services.

9. Tracking and Reporting 

There’s a minefield of data to interpret to understand how a website and its content is performing. I use a mix of free and paid tools to track traffic and conversion rates. 

To make the right content decisions for my client’s and my own website, this data needs to be read and analysed. For some clients, they’ll track the content I write for them themselves. However, regular blog management is tracked and reported on month-by-month. 

10. Google and Copywriting Updates

To stay up-to-date with copywriting and Google’s SEO best practices, you can’t afford to miss a beat. The search algorithms are constantly changing and I keep my finger on the pulse with all of them to serve up content that satisfies and solves your audience’s needs.

Ready to Hire a Copywriter in Perth?

Web copy is the bones of a good website. But it’s a different ball game writing for web. Great writers aren’t necessarily great SEO copywriters. Thankfully I’ve written for both digital and print mediums over the years. 

My core industry is digital (despite starting off in music journalism), although I’ll always have a soft spot for print media. Read my article on why print still matters and how business owners can benefit from both platforms

Web copywriting helps you to target your customers and solve their specific-problems with well-crafted content. Need a creative content writer in Perth to scribe the right message for your brand? Learn how I help.

I've worked with Jayde for our content writing projects and can highly recommend her for her quality of work and professionalism.
Bill Tsouvalas
Bill Tsouvalas
05:14 24 Jun 21
Jayde just completed some fantastic content for our new website, we are extremally happy with what Jayde has done for us. Very professional and a quick turnaround time, we would highly recommend her services. Thank you Jayde - Shara & Trent
Sanmateo Apartments
Sanmateo Apartments
23:40 18 May 21
Delivered top quality content that was helpful with brand exposure! If you need content that delivers a message contact Little Typewriter
kahil tognela
kahil tognela
02:33 15 Mar 21
Jayde is one of the most professional and hard working people I have ever come across. Not only does she provide her clients with the highest standard quality of work, she does so with a positive and conscientious attitude. Jayde goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure that she provides exactly what they are looking for and no task is too much for her. Other businesses I have dealt with have not bothered to really get to know what myself as the client is looking for but the rare and unique thing about Jayde is that she really gets to know all her clients on a personal level and that is why you feel so comfortable with her. Jayde embodies everything a hard working, polite, professional should be. I would recommend Jayde a thousand times over and wish all the success in the world for her future projects and endeavours.
Georgia Good
Georgia Good
13:00 23 Nov 20
Jayde was great. Delivered exactly what she said she would with great copy that suited my business perfectly.
David Green
David Green
06:48 28 Sep 20
Jayde is a wonderful person to work with, especially if you have absolutely no basic knowledge of websites or computer "stuff". Jayde is patient, witty, supportive and never once made me feel like an idiot. I'm an intelligent woman at what I do, but computers and all the jazz were way over my head. Thank God for Jayde!! And I now have a fab website.
Dee Jackman Hypnosis
Dee Jackman Hypnosis
07:26 21 Aug 20
I engaged the little typewriter to write and design a short report. The experience was ultra professional and the output was beyond my expectations for both content and graphic design. Strongly recommend!
Sharon Melamed
Sharon Melamed
11:03 04 Jun 20
Jayde is a highly talented writer. She takes the time to understand her clients and delivers quality work every time. Always a pleasure to work with.
Mitchell Kelly
Mitchell Kelly
07:23 02 Jan 20
I am so happy to have crossed paths with Jayde and her company the little typewriter. She's helped me craft a professional worded email that not only reflects me and my business but did so quickly and easily. I can highly recommend her not only for large copywriting projects but also for small delicate assignments. Looking forward to working with Jayde more in the future!
Clare Martella
Clare Martella
02:03 30 Dec 19
Having worked with Jayde for nearly two years at Australian Property Investor Magazine, I have found her communication abilities and knowledge of the Australian property landscape to be impressive.It has been a pleasure working with Jayde in her role as a freelance writer for API. She is reliable, flexible and happy to make revisions when asked. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jayde to potential employees and wish her all the best in her future business endeavours.
Anna Cooper
Anna Cooper
23:09 04 Dec 19
Jayde has done an amazing job with our spystore blog :) We will continue working with her for all our blog needs in the future :) Thanks
Jing Jackson
Jing Jackson
06:45 21 Nov 19
Having worked with Jayde from the little typewriter for years, she has taken the time to get to know our company and customers extremely well. Jayde knows exactly how to pitch our services and products in a way that is fun, interesting and definitely not boring.We’ve really appreciated the time that goes into researching anything to do with Just in Time Gourmet and new product ranges we take on. Whether it’s a new blog post, producer or gourmet food products, we’ve always been extremely confident Jayde will have a creative way to write that reflects our own brand.We have no hesitation in recommending Jayde and TLT to showcase any business, their products or boost their brand. Yes, we can be a little biased when it comes to our own company, so it’s wonderful when you find someone that is as passionate about making your business a success as we are. Looking forward to our next project together!
Jodee Wearne
Jodee Wearne
03:23 20 Nov 19
We recently had Jayde Walker from TLC prepare a series of team member profiles for us for our new website. Would I recommend her services to others? . . . Absolutely!The service Jayde provided was excellent. We couldn't recommend her more highly, or be more pleased with the outcome.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts
01:50 19 Nov 19

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