How to Design WordPress Landing Pages to get the most from Your Website

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The perfect landing page is a powerful tool. When created thoughtfully, it propels your business, generates quality leads and engages and converts an active audience. Your WordPress landing pages are the anchors in paid and organic marketing that can amplify your overall return on investment. 

How well you design your landing page is crucial for the success of your Perth business. 

If you want your content to rock and your sales to soar, your landing page must be engaging and persuasive with high-converting elements. There’s no point in wasting time and resources on a lazy page that looks good but doesn’t perform. That’s why working with an SEO content writer and WordPress web designer is fundamental in taking your site to the next level. 

Here are some tips for structuring your landing page for products and local services.

What is a WordPress Landing Page?

Landing pages are single-page websites built for a specific purpose.

Similar to your homepage, landing pages are often the first experience visitors have with your site. Users typically find a landing page by clicking on an ad, email campaign or social media post.

These webpages are a focused marketing tool to capture leads and entice prospects to become customers or clients. You can achieve this by exchanging something of value with users, such as an eBook or webinar signup, in return for their basic contact information. By offering something relating to your industry and rewarding users with interesting content, they’re more likely to trust your brand and be pulled further into the customer funnel.

WordPress landing pages must be highly targeted and well-crafted to gain a visitor’s data, with conversion optimisation to kick your marketing campaigns into gear. 

Let’s dive deeper.

1. Set Your Focus CTA

Unlike a homepage with multiple calls to actions (CTAs), a landing page has a single, focused CTA that encourages visitors to take a specific action. When clicked, this CTA button takes them to the next (and often final) step, converting them to a lead or customer.

Set your focus CTA by first defining your goal.

Are you looking to generate leads, promote a new product or register users for an event? Your CTA should give visitors a reason to click. For instance, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product or service, sign up for your event or install your app.

The strongest CTAs are a strategic combination of creative copy and design. Think:

  • Goal-focused
  • Specific and concise 
  • Benefits-focused 
  • Optimised for performance
  • Well-placed in a prominent spot with contrasting colours to maximise visibility

Example #1

Take a look at this example from Mondaydotcom:

The ad popped up in my social media feed. Immediately their CTA grabs you.

Who doesn’t want to work smarter? Especially when 180k+ others already are! So I clicked on ‘Sign Up’ to see what it was all about.


It took me to their landing page where their primary CTA caught my eye.

There’s nothing more frustrating than signing up for a free trial and being forced to add your credit card details. You might not be ready to buy or use long-term yet, let alone hand over this information – and these guys understand.

Using the words ‘free forever‘ and ‘no credit card‘ makes it easy to click ‘get started‘.

2. Target Specific Demographics

WordPress landing pages can be tailored to target specific demographic groups in Perth. This creates a laser-focused approach for personalising user experience and boosting conversions while helping you craft content most relevant to your audience. 

For instance, if you’re targeting tourists visiting Western Australia, include information about local hotspots or activities. If you’re targeting the Perth business community, include information about networking events or business resources your audience will find practical. You could create specialised deals on local attractions for tourists, or offer discounts on networking events and brand development courses for Perth businesses. 

This type of targeted information is gold for motivating users to act. 

Make sure you use appropriate colours, images and language that resonates with your audience. Without creating an instant connection, it’s impossible to offer relevant deals or promotions that capture their attention and provide enough value for them to hand over their contact details.

3. Optimise for Local SEO

A WordPress landing page will throw cash down the drain if you don’t optimise it for SEO. 

Search Engine Optimisation keeps your content in focus by providing a vital blueprint that helps your audience find the information they’re looking for. SEO gives your page staying power and increases its online visibility, the same way it would for your homepage or a blog article.

Optimise your landing page by:

  • Performing keyword and competitor research to determine what search terms your audience is likely using
  • Including the location name with keywords ie: my local branded keyword is ‘The Little Typewriter Perth’ and for services, I use search terms such as ‘Perth Copywriter’ and ‘SEO Content Writer Perth’
  • Adding local references in the meta title and description
  • Optimising the URL, images, headline, copy and title tags
  • Using the right SEO plugin for WordPress – tip: I use and recommend Yoast SEO.

4. Add Non-Negotiable Conversion Elements

Every high-converting landing page needs non-negotiables including:

  • A user-friendly form for capturing essential information 
  • Interactive elements to encourage the user to ask questions, subscribe or purchase 
  • The most important content in the hero section ie: keep your headline, USP and CTA above the fold
  • Visual elements to attract attention, but keep it simple
  • Social proof and testimonials for authenticity 
  • Mobile-friendly design

5. Simplify Your WordPress Design and Copy

The most effective landing pages are straightforward and distraction-free, quickly and clearly pointing users to your CTA. And it’ll work best if it stands alone.

Remove unnecessary content, links, site navigation and confusing page elements that complicate the user’s experience. Kill your darlings, as writers Stephen King and Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch say.

Example #2

This one also showed up via a social media ad.

Click on the link to view the full landing page.

It’s simple, distraction-free and pulls in their target audience perfectly with the right content and design elements.

Podcasters are content creators. They want to engage an audience – preferably a worldwide one. With this landing page, podcasters can trust they’ll get the efficient and unparalleled tools to personalise their presence on Spotify, allowing them to grow their show, measure interactions and show off their pages.

Everything creators need in an interactive and effortless fashion.

Example #3

Another good example of a landing page is Moz.

It has valuable content and leverages trust factors by showing testimonials and awards.

Their CTA is also well-written, what business owner doesn’t want to outrank their competitors, see measurable results and gain more customers? And we all love the word free.


6. Write Location-Specific Content about Your Perth Business

Publish strategic and conversion-driven content distinct to your local area. For your WordPress landing page to really hit the sweet spot, location-specific content must connect with your audience and meet what’s significant to them. 

What information are they looking for? And what copy corresponds with their search intent? Your landing page copy should provide the solution. 

Make your copy:

  • Easily skimmable with large chunks of text broken up
  • Keyword-focused and intent-specific
  • Part of your local SEO strategy 
  • Persuasive and engaging

7. Leverage Local Trust Factors

Claim ownership of your Google My Business profile and use it to add reviews to your landing page. Local ratings play a pivotal role in the success of your site. By sharing reviews and testimonials, and embedding a Google map with your location or the areas you service, you can increase conversion and someone’s trust in your business. 

Especially if they’re not familiar with your brand, leveraging these trust factors helps them choose to engage with you. 


8. Drive Action Now, Not Later

Create a sense of urgency to convert users before you lose them. You can do this through a smart CTA, benefit-driven headlines and location-specific content that guides your audience seamlessly through the buyer’s journey. 

When you’re ready to launch your Perth website, test variants for page copy, headlines and CTAs before determining what works best.

4 Details Not to Forget

  1. Ensure quick load times to reduce high bounce rates – check your speed
  2. Add a thank you page that appears once the user submits a form or takes the desired action
  3. Request indexing to encourage search engines to crawl your WordPress landing page faster
  4. Track and analyse landing page data via Google Analytics

Need help personalising your landing page?

I’m a creative content writer in Perth who offers SEO copywriting services Australia-wide, helping businesses just like yours connect with a wider audience. 
Book a free site audit today and let’s refresh your content. 

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