How to Tell if You Need a Professional SEO Copywriter for Your Business

This is a guest article written by Sophia Young who recently quit a non-writing job to tell stories and paint the world through her words. Sophia writes about business trends, sustainable marketing, travel and fashion.

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Adding another person to your organisation is no easy feat – especially if you’re still a startup company. However, if you’re keen on taking the route to success, it’s crucial to learn that the right talent will be an investment.

For instance, don’t undermine the value a professional SEO copywriter will bring to your business table. You may think hiring one will be unnecessary; but here are several signs that you need one for the team:

You’re Not Well-Versed in Developing Content

Writing an effective copy that would bag prospects requires tremendous talent. More than this, it requires practice, time, and finesse, something you haven’t developed due to being engrossed in other business factors. Worry not though, because even though you’re not well-versed in copywriting 101, you can hire someone that is.

SEO copywriters know the way around search engines; they can help your brand grow through their expertise in Google algorithms. They can analyse keyword density and use different tones, styles, and prominence to improve your page’s rankings. They also study the needs of your target market and figure out how to speak their language. If no one on your team has this particular skill set, then hiring an SEO copywriter is the right way to go.

Your Competitors are Killing the Game

It’s true that the only records you should break are those that you made yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t check on your competitors’ progress, especially if you’re aiming for the top. If your business continues to stay on the low while other brands are killing it, you may want to check what you’re doing wrong.

For instance, you don’t have a professional SEO copywriter on your team to create well-written content that wows people. 

They’re essential for building and establishing your brand, especially during this modern era. With their out-of-the-box thinking, ranking search engines won’t be a far-fetched dream. SEO copywriters understand the difference between structured and unstructured data, making your site more optimised. They’re experts that know how to attract the right clientele while helping you top your previous sales records.

Your Leads are Going Downhill

If you’re creating content but still find little to no improvements in sales, then it’s high time you hire a professional copywriter. They’re the key to crafting posts and copy that attract prospects and boost your website’s conversion. These writers are skilled in SEO strategies, so they can help you improve your page’s search engine ranking. This is a must if you want your business to thrive and survive in the modern digital era. 

SEO copywriters use the right combination of words and hashtags that helps your company appear in more places. They also know how to craft eye-catching headlines that attract and resonate with possible leads. This will lead to more engagement, with you entertaining plenty of curious customers eager for their next purchase.

You’re too Booked to Craft Amazing Copy

It’s no secret that business owners have plenty of things on their plate, from manufacturing and production to day-to-day operations. Developing an amazing copy on top of all these may prove impossible, especially since it takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you can avail the help of a professional SEO copywriter to do the work for you. In fact, this is a must if you want to take your brand to a whole other level.

Aside from taking the worries of brand promotion off your mind, a copywriter for business can help you resonate more with people. They can repurpose old promotional materials for more effective engagement, thus leading to better ROI.

SEO copywriters can also participate in more of your content marketing strategies. Of course, you have to give them fair pay, but no worries because they’re worth it. 

You Still Can’t Find Your Own Identity

A company must have an established identity to stand out in a saturated industry. If you struggle with having one, it’s time to get a creative SEO copywriter for your business. Not only will they help you find your brand voice, but they’re also capable of showing the world why your products or services are awesome. They can reveal your company’s uniquity and noble proposition, a much-needed edge against competitors. 

Remember: it won’t matter how much of a genius your products are if you can’t communicate them to your target audience. You need a pro-writer on your side to get the right mix of edgy and cool to advertise your business. They’re also your go-to if you need someone to craft a formal copy for your serious corporate partners. 

You Have No Clue How to Communicate With Your Audience 

There are plenty of people endowed with a keen nose for doing business. However, not many are blessed with the talent to create high-quality, engaging content. That’s why copywriters exist – their way with words ensures that you can communicate with your target audience. With them under your payroll, you can effectively relay your brand message to the world.

They can help you figure out how to start establishing your company in the digital media setting. You’ll gain more traction and traffic by boosting your page’s search engine rankings. This leads to plenty of people discovering what you can offer, later availing of your services to satiate their curiosity.

You’re Not Hooking the Right Market 

If there’s one thing most business owners would agree on, it’s that targeting can be difficult. Of course, talking with viewers and prospects can be considered child’s play. However, the challenge lies in connecting with people that’ll turn into high-quality leads. This predicament can be solved by hiring a professional copywriter to optimise your website and brand

The right one will know how to handle information – which ones to provide and which are meant to save for later. Through this, attracting the right target base with a high conversion rate will be much easier.

Similarly, those not the right fit for your brand will know how to stay away. This will save you plenty of time and effort as you won’t have to chase trails that lead nowhere. 

In Conclusion

Professional SEO copywriters can benefit your company in significant ways. Most times, hiring one can be your ticket to launching successful products and services. They’re also the key to reviving your presence in the digital world, dominating search engine rankings once more. As such, you should consider whether you need one for your team’s growth. 

I’m a creative copywriter who offers SEO copywriting services in Perth, helping brands Australia-wide. My journalistic, writing and SEO experience gives me the skills needed to craft insightful copy for businesses like yours. 
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