5 Insider Tips to Consider When Researching Copywriting Costs

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Cheap prices don’t always translate into quality service. If you want content that’s affordable, there’s more to consider than cost and experience. 

Too often business owners invest resources into fantastic-looking sites without allowing enough for the copy. But unless you have content that connects, your digital shopfront is powerless – no matter how great the design. 

Web copy written for your audience feeds users with specific content they’re searching for, and that’s invaluable. 

Whether they’re ready to engage with you or not, it initiates a direct connection. Then educates, entertains and solves their problems through carefully scripted words. 

So how do you find someone who’s affordable and creates the right content?

It’s not about finding the cheapest or the best. It’s finding the right copywriter for your business

Here’s what to consider when researching copywriting costs

1. The Importance of SEO 

Without SEO your content is useless.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is optimising web copy so your audience can find it. For your audience to find it, your copy must be crawlable by Google and meet the search intent of those you’re wanting to attract. 

Some copywriters aren’t as qualified in SEO copywriting. There’s an art to writing for major search engines and humans, without keyword stuffing or publishing content that lacks soul.

Website copywriting is a balance between your customers and Google. It’s targeted, educational, enticing and easily readable by humans and search engines. 

What to look for in an SEO copywriter:

  • Understands copywriting and SEO elements like search intent, H1 tags, title tags, meta description and the importance of long-tail keywords, keyword frequency, contextual links and competitor analysis
  • Storytelling abilities
  • People-focused over search engine-focused
  • Prioritises content quality 
  • Ability to craft incredible headlines 
  • Understands user journeys 
  • Can they master long-form content by adding depth to topics?
  • Do they provide keyword research?
  • Can they write content that creates value? Check their testimonials and portfolio to review past work

Cartoon sourced from the New Yorker Mag. By artist Edward Steed.

2. Paying Per Project is More Cost-Effective

How copywriters charge can tell a lot about their experience. 

Paying by the word is outdated and rarely matches the creative value or expertise of copywriters in demand. It’s mostly used in America or by new or junior writers. This method can jeopardise quality, as quality is more important than word count. 

Paying by the hour is common for agencies and some experienced writers. However, a fixed project fee can be more affordable for clients.

Professional copywriters will charge a flat fee to cover the entire job. The price varies depending on experience, location, demand, turnaround time and skillset. For example; writing in technical industries comes at a higher price. Rates can also indicate the quality of work you’ll receive.

Professional copywriters in Australia will:

  • Charge based on experience, skill, project and location 
  • Ask for a 50% deposit. Typically, any jobs under $1,000 require payment upfront
  • Ensure you fill out a creative brief before the project starts 
  • Show transparency with processes, frameworks and fees so you know the upfront costs before research and writing begins
  • Invest in regular, ongoing education

3. Cheaper isn’t Always Better

Finding the right copywriter for your project depends on many factors. Budget, experience and timeline matter, but choosing a copywriter purely on price can weaken your final result – especially when corners are cut to reduce costs. 

Quality copywriting doesn’t come cheap. 

You’re investing in more than words. It’s creative thinking, well-executed research, experience and the skill to dig deeper into subjects. Expertise that comes at a price. 

Price is important, but so is the value of SEO copywriting. You can’t expect to pay $150 for a landing page with seamlessly optimised copy for your audience. The good news is, web copy is long-term. Once the copy is written, it’ll show up in the search results for a variety of keywords and encourage your prospective customers to convert.

By prioritising sustainable value with work quality, skill and an understanding of your business, you’ll invest in an affordable service.

4. Approach Agencies with Caution 

Agency copywriters aren’t always bad, but it pays to understand their process before researching copywriting costs.

For seven years I worked as a Senior Copywriter at a local agency. 

The problem is, agencies don’t always allow for direct contact between the writer and the client. Project briefs and feedback are given to the copywriter second (or even third) hand. This means it can be difficult to achieve exceptional copy.


Information is often lost in translation and results in a preventable back-and-forth and time-wasting issues. Agencies also charge higher rates. You don’t get to choose who’s writing your copy and some outsource to low-quality writers incapable of industry-specific projects. 

When you work directly with a copywriter, the results are amplified. It’s a professional approach on a personalised level. You save time and money while building a stronger, more sustainable rapport. 

For a positive experience working with an agency, make sure you:

  • Ask who’ll be working on your copy (and will they be writing everything themselves?)
  • Check industry experience
  • Review samples of work written by the copywriter (not the agency)
  • Find out what their process is
  • Confirm they can align with your expectations
  • Document a creative brief with specific project details 
  • Meet or speak with the agency and the copywriter 

5. How to Get the Most from Your Copywriter 

Will your chosen copywriter ‘get’ what you want? 

It’s a big question for any business owner. No one wants to waste money and you should trust your baby is in safe hands.

A good copywriter will translate your brand into words that connect with your audience and please the Google Gods. But we need to understand you, your business and your audience first. 

Successful projects have a few key ingredients:

  • Communication and expertise
  • Connection – some projects can take weeks or months to complete, it’s important you partner with someone you have a positive working relationship with 
  • A well-filled out creative brief by the client and/or phone/face-to-face catchup
  • Client understanding of the copywriter’s process and the skills needed for the job

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the copywriter and client must be on the same page. Think of your copywriter as an extension of your team and work together for project success. 

Now you have a stronger understanding of what’s involved, you can use these tips when researching copywriting costs. Keep in mind, web copywriting is like a puzzle. Each piece is fundamental to the end result – including your choice of copywriter.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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