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Sustainable superstars Pod Star are a husband and wife team based in Sydney who are on a mission to stop waste from coffee pods.

So far they’ve done a pretty good job.

In 2018, Kirsten and Mark released the first reusable coffee pod for Nespresso machines. Since then they’ve designed and created stainless steel pods for another three machines; Aldi, Caffitaly and just recently the Espressotoria machine. That’s over 10 million single-use pods saved from landfill in two years.


Fun Fact: Did you know coffee pods are a contaminant to the recycling system? Read the truth about recycling.


Pod Star contacted me in May 2020 with two core goals:

  1. To write a Press Release for the launch of their new product – the first reusable pod for Espressotoria machines in the world
  2. To boost the blog section of their website via blog management


The first priority was the product release. 

For the blog, I proposed a three-month content strategy to increase Pod Star’s online traffic and help raise awareness of their brand and products over time.

Being creative and passionate about sustainability themselves, they already had topics in mind and a handful of articles published on their blog. But lack of time and being busy with their own work meant new content had been put on the back burner. 

This is perfectly normal for many business owners! 

It had been three months since the blog had any love so I recommended ongoing content; an article to start with, followed by two articles each month. 


First, we targeted the new product launch. 

This involved researching, writing and editing a press release to send to media contacts and draw attention to their eco-friendly creation. 

The next stage of the project was blog management. To determine the right topics, I had to understand who we were talking to. 

Using Google Analytics and the creative brief I ask clients to fill out, the target audience was profiled and four goals created based on their content needs. 

The next stages involved:

  • An audit of Pod Star’s current blog content  
  • Keyword phrase research 
  • Devising a content strategy around chosen keywords to reach goals and meet the audience’s needs 
  • Checking Google Trends for trending topics 
  • Using research tools like Answer the Public to brainstorm question ideas
  • Brainstorming headlines and checking scores against CoSchedule 
  • Finalising a three-month editorial calendar
  • Researching, writing, optimising and editing 7 articles 


As Pod Star is over east, everything was delivered via email. 

The outcome was 7 articles about educational topics such as:

  1. Stainless Steel Coffee Pods – Reasons to Make the Switch
  2. What Eco Coffee do You Drink? 3 Types and their Benefits
  3. How to Find the Best Coffee Pod Machine in Australia
  4. 7 Sustainable Gift Ideas to Nurture Australia’s Environment 
  5. How to Identify Greenwashing and its Negative Impact

View all Pod Star’s blog articles

Compared to the previous three months (February-May), there was an increase in users, transactions and revenue from publishing SEO-friendly blog content.

  • Users increased by 50.33% including 49.62% new visitors
  • Sessions increased by 45.57%
  • Conversion rates increased by 3.27%
  • Transactions increased by 50.32%
  • Revenue increased by 53.96%

Many of the search terms are highly competitive. However, this ‘how-to’ article is already ranking at the top of page 2 for the ‘best coffee pod machine Australia’. These results show regular articles do make a positive impact on your website’s organic traffic, which can lead to an increase in revenue.


By adding SEO-friendly blog content to your site, you have a 434% higher chance of being ranked greater on search engines. It’s a vital part of the Search Engine Optimisation puzzle.


This project was fantastic to work on because of the similarities in values. 

Pod Star have a clear message on their website which I love:

“When you partner with us, you’re partnering for a better world. Less waste, less plastic, more care, better life.”

– Mark and Kirsten, Pod Star

These are ethics that are closely aligned with mine and my business. Which is one of the reasons why Pod Star was such a great business to partner with. 

Coffee lovers who want to live a greener lifestyle should check out Pod Star’s awesome range of products. If you need SEO-friendly blog content to help your site get noticed, learn about my rates below.

Kirsten Lisa
Kirsten Lisa
00:03 31 Aug 20
The Little Typewriter has done wonders for Pod Star's SEO and provided our customers and potential customers with a lot of helpful information. Jayde is intelligent, articulate, has immense care in the words she writes and delivers on time and at reasonable prices. We cannot recommend her highly enough and I believe we will be engaging the services of The Little Typewriter for a long time to come. If you want to drive customers to your site organically, this is the company to use. Check out our blog posts written by The Little Typewriter at
Matthew Pratt
Matthew Pratt
08:04 08 Jun 20
Working with the little typewriter was great . Very responsive and very professional! Would highly recommend jayde to any for all things bios. Definitely will be using her services in the future.
Conan TC
Conan TC
14:53 16 Aug 18
We have recently had our band bio done by TLT and we were absolutely amazed and lost for words really! The word "professionalism" has just had an ascending benchmark readjustment by TLT!
Great value and a super fast turn around.
We highly recommend TLT and they will continue to have our business indefinitely!
Adrian Hoffmann
Adrian Hoffmann
05:28 18 May 18
TLT created a detailed and impactful bio, and social media content for my coaching business. Since working with TLT my number of clients has skyrocketed. The clarity TLT provided me with, in what it is I deliver to my clients was mind-blowing. As a result of this revelation, I'm now communicating my core mission, and the services I provide with precision and congruency. TLT's creative edge is one that I haven't quite experienced with other businesses in the past. I can't recommend TLT enough, if you're looking for value, professionalism and friendly service, I urge you to get in touch!
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