Brand Values

The compass that guides us in everything we do.

Our values sum up who we are – in life, relationships and business.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed the following brand values. They’re defined by what drives me and the work I provide, how I make decisions for my business and the type of clients I choose to work with.

These are the principles I uphold as my small business continues to grow. My brand promise to those I collaborate and do business with. 

Powered by Passion, Creativity and Curiosity

I’m creative, insistently curious and ask a lot of questions. Learning the why and how of what’s important has been ingrained in my soul from a very early age. 

Because it’s essential to my craft, lifestyle and helping you tell your brand’s story, I make creativity a priority. That means putting time aside to stay curious, explore and create; the essential ingredients to fostering imagination and crafting content that ignites connections.

Conscious Connections and Sustainable, Transparent Practices

Whether it’s connecting with the world around me (music, nature, people) or helping businesses create stronger, more sustainable connections with their audience, I build bonds that inspire and use that inspiration to strengthen the work I do for you. 

Creative collaboration and partnering with clients are at the core of what I do. I take the time to understand my clients, uncover what makes them tick and work closely with them each step of the way.

I want to use my business to build a brighter future. 

While my business isn’t fully sustainable, I am conscious that every choice matters. I look for the most sustainable way to make decisions and work with clients who value sustainability and creativity and who want to engage with brands that are heart-centred vs profit-focused. 

People who are about creating a more meaningful future. People who choose soul-quenching connections that inspire them to be and do better. People who are about what’s important. 

black leaf illustration for sustainability

I aim to spark conscious connections with like-minded humans and reconnect with the things that matter; the real and the raw. 

Jayde Walker

Sustainable practices that help me build a brand (and life) I’m proud of

illustration of a pen with a vine wrapped around
  • Working with clients and industry providers: Transparent, ethical customer communications and connections
  • Customer relations: Creating awareness and responsible choices through information and codes of conduct and advocating green Australian businesses 
  • Business operations: Paperless office with digital forms and contracts, using and repurposing items – my brand and logo were designed around an unusable typewriter and a chilli plant, reducing waste, refurbishing computer parts where possible, conserving energy by switching off electronics away from work hours, choosing sustainable packaging when ordering supplies online and shopping ethical and local brands
  • Creative development: Creating a home garden that nourishes creativity and feeds the soul – I grow herbs, vegetables, succulents and cacti to have a space to write in, nutritious food and a good excuse to soak up vitamin D, as well as growing plants indoors to improve air quality and increase productivity 

From mid-2022, I’ll also be partnering with a local organisation that plant a tree for every sale made under TLT – stay tuned. 

Exceed Societal Expectations

You don’t have to work 9-5 to be successful. It took me six years working at a local digital agency to realise this, and that the quality of your work isn’t dependent on the long hours you do. Often, it hinders it. 

So I made a decision to live a life aligned with my values, not the one subscribed. 

For me, it means designing a schedule that prioritises health and balance. Flexible and sustainable hours, nurturing creativity and slow time with the people and things that matter.


Affordability is important.

My work ethic is client and success-driven rather than profit-focused. I keep costs reasonable, compared to the average SEO copywriter with my experience because:

  • I don’t work for an agency. Agencies often have much higher overhead costs and pay their copywriters full time, even when they’re not active on your project. You only pay me when I work for you
  • My overhead expenses are low as I operate from a home office

I work from a place of integrity, client commitment and accountability. Adding value to client projects and delivering more for less without compromising on quality is integral to the copywriting services I provide.

Slow Down and Simplify for Stronger Outcomes

I want to build a brand that encapsulates a lifestyle. One that allows you to slow down and embrace what gives you and your business purpose

There’s quality in simplicity, which helps to deliver stronger outcomes in client projects and life.


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