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According to Hubspot, one of the world’s top digital marketing companies, businesses with an active blog produce 67% more leads and gain 55% more visitors than those without.

Regular content positions your business as an industry expert. It also increases organic traffic and provides valuable resources to your customers. Structured, shareable and engaging content keeps your audience coming back. But writing content takes time, creative inspiration and a lot of hard work. Here’s what you should be focusing on for a business blog that converts.

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Blog management brings more organic traffic to your site. Learn how regular blog content for Pod Star increased their visitors and revenue over 3 months.
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Learn how Dee Jackman Hypnosis grew her business online with the little typewriter through a new site and optimised web copy.
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Hero content is designed to reach a wider audience and save you time and effort, without needing to produce extra content.
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Collecting testimonials is a powerful way to turn visitors into customers, build trust with your audience and give your brand authority.
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There's a fine art to writing web copy that energises the human brain. Here are 10 tips for creative content to engage and inform your readers.
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Overwhelmed by managing your blog? Improve your content and optimise for readers and Google with these tips. Your SEO-friendly blog checklist.
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Learn to tame time and tackle productivity. Remote work tips, ways to connect online and offline and how to balance flexibility with order.
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Unsure if you need a copywriter for a one-off or long-term project? Here are 8 reasons why you might need a professional copywriter’s expertise.
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Brand stories help create a connection with your audience. Learn the story behind the little typewriter's brand, which stems from the Japanese word Kintsugi.
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Learn how to stay on track this holiday season. Tips to unplug and balance festivity with focus as you bring in the New Year.
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What does a copywriter do? The short answer. That person who writes everything. But the job of a Perth copywriter is much more than crafting clever sentences for digital or print mediums.
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