Copy Editing

When your words press all the right buttons, they motivate action. Fine-tune + optimise your site for copy that converts.

You might think you have the right words and a great website, but does Google?

A well-optimised site is key to appearing in those all-important search results. I offer copy editing services that verify your content serves its audience first, and is optimised for major search engines like Google second.

Great copywriting needs to talk to people, rationally and emotionally.

But if it’s not edited for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), your message won’t deliver.  

If you’ve written your own web copy but are unsure of grammar, sentence structure and tone of voice, my copy editing services and proofreading offer a fresh set of eyes.

Or if you want to raise the roof on your results, I’ll help you create better content that’s optimised for the people you want to do business with.

What Do Copy Editing Services Involve?


Behind every great piece of copy is an experienced editor who reworks every paragraph and page to check it’s on-brand, engaging, error-free and optimised for readers and Google.  

My copy editing services fix awkward sentences, jumbled structures and unclear phrasing to ensure your content is professional, useful and ranks well. I also offer SEO content audits to evaluate your site’s content quality, identify gaps and improve your website’s structure. 

How TLT Can Help You.

  • Proofread to check writing basics, grammar and spelling aren’t neglected
  • Edit to ensure your message is clear and main points are well-supported
  • Rewrite articles and web copy so it does your business justice
  • Refresh old, stale or outdated content to leverage and offer a new perspective
  • Complete a full SEO content audit on your site to optimise words and Metadata (snippets shown in the Search Results Pages)

Google only shows content that best answers the searchers’ query.

To cater for readers and Google, the main keyphrases your target audience are searching for should be identified and naturally added to your copy.

Copy Review

Write your own copy? Need to fine-tune your website?

Don’t hit publish until I’ve had a professional peak.


^ What You Get: ^

> Copy editing + proofreading from $280 / 2 hours

> SEO content audits from $550 / review of 2-5 web pages


Copy Editing vs Copywriting

Struggling to decide between copy editing and SEO copywriting?

Keyphrase or SEO copy editing is a technique used to include keywords to existing copy.

Web pages are edited with the intent to keep as much of the original content as possible. If budget is limited, optimising for SEO can help your site rank higher and clean up copy.  

However, SEO copywriting is a more extensive process.

It still relies on keyphrase research but involves creating original content rather than editing existing.

Some examples where SEO copywriting is a better option than copy editing include:

  • Duplicate web pages
  • Pages crucial to the sales process
  • Pages with low conversions or time spent

But if these points apply let’s talk for copy editing services in Perth:

  • You and your readers already love the content
  • Page is performing but could be better