Web Copy

Is your web copy boring customers to sleep? Not getting the results you want? I'll make your readers and Google love you.

If people don’t understand how your products or services help them, they’ll lose interest.

And you’ll lose customers.

Great website copywriting clearly tells people why they should do business with you.

Whether it’s through an about page or home, landing or sales page, your message must be precise and quick to get noticed in the digital noise.

If your website or blog content is suffering from blank pages or it doesn’t do your business justice, I’ll take the stress off and create copy that sells your story and gets tangible results through skilled website copywriting services.

Why Does Website Copywriting Matter?


Because good content establishes trust.

People develop trust and use your services when they understand you immediately and simply. A high-performing website must have essential SEO elements, functional, visually-appealing design, and human-first content. 

That’s where the little typewriter comes in.

I write unique web copy that:

  • Engages, educates and connects with your audience
  • Targets your audience and is optimised for the Google Gods 
  • Moves your readers to take action and say ‘yes’ – ‘yes’ to ‘tell me more’, ‘let’s talk’, ‘I want a free quote’ or ‘buy now’
  • Tackles technical SEO to include the right keywords, title tags and meta descriptions (the snippets of text that show up under results in a Google search) 
  • Injects your brand’s personality into each page 

Read proven results – this client booked me in for creative web copy and experienced a 220% increase in organic sales within three months. You could get these results too. 

How to make Google love you.

Website copywriting is essential to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Copywriting for SEO allows you to naturally rank higher and attract more people to your website through an engaging and creative approach. 

But to keep your audience and the Google Gods happy, this approach must be strategised. 

Effective web copywriting isn’t stuffed with keywords you’d like to rank for. It prioritises reader engagement, then uses ethical Google-approved tactics to boost your website’s position.

I write for humans first, Google second. 

Through the little typewriter, you’ll have useful and relevant copy that provides value to your readers. I also offer comprehensive keyword research and recommendations.

My qualifications with the SEO Content Institute have taught me the best SEO copywriting practices

If you’re lost for the right words or don’t have the time or creative mind to write your website copy, don’t panic. I’ll help. 

What are the Australian website copywriting rates? Find out.

Want to Work Together?

If you’re as passionate about what you do as I am about writing…

If you want to show your brand some soul…

If you want to stand out from the crowd…

If you want content that gets results…

Let’s talk.

I’ll write your web copy and tell your brand’s story in a way that matches your target audience.

Ready to shout your story to the world?

How My Process Works.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Let’s Talk.

After I’ve responded to your initial enquiry (within 24 hours) I’ll schedule a short introduction call to see if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask you about your project details, budget and timeline. You can tell me about your business and ask any questions.


Brief + Quote.

Now we’ve had a quick chat, I have a good idea about what you do and the copy problems you need to solve. It’s time to talk business. 

Creative Brief

To tease out the copywriting gold I’ll email you a Q+A. This nuts out the finer details to define the project scope and your vision. The more information you provide the better – this brief will set the course for the entire project. Need help with your creative brief? No worries, just let me know. 

Proposal + Quote

Once we’re both happy with the brief I’ll create a proposal + quote for you. Some projects fit into my regular prices, however, others are quoted specific to your needs. This includes a clear outline of expectations, an itemised list of what I’ll deliver, my earliest available start date, proposed project timeline and quote. 

Before I start working my magic the quote must be accepted, signed and returned with payment. We’ll both have a copy of the agreement which includes my terms + conditions. This protects both parties and guarantees the work I create is used solely for you. Sign the dotted line and I start work.


What makes your business tick? Before I put pen to paper, I plan, strategise and understand your audience’s needs and wants, brand voice and key messages. I’ll research your competitors and customers to uncover the language they use and their search intent. I’m as passionate about your business, as I am about my own.



It’s time to write. 

You could spend hours running in the content writing hamster wheel. But, thankfully you don’t have to. I’m here to tell the world why your business matters through creative copy. I take what I’ve learnt through the brief and research and turn it into effective content, ensuring your brand’s story is consistent across all spaces.


After your first draft is finished, any feedback will be incorporated. I’ll continue to tap away at the keys and work hard on your copy. 

The second review will be your chance to make final edits. Two rounds of revisions are included in TLT’s packages to fine-tune your copy. Revisions are edits that are made within the timeframe specified in your proposal and don’t deviate from the brief and project scope you signed off on.

If you need more changes they will be charged at an hourly rate. Creative briefs that are perfected from the start result in minimal edits through the refining stages.


Final Draft + Review. 

All revisions are satisfied and my copywriting work is complete. The final copy of your content is sent to you. 

By now you should be excited, buzzing at your desk like a typewriter on crack. Once the final invoice is paid and content accepted, the copyright is transferred to you and your (my) words are there to shout to the world.

Website Feature.

Happy with your content? I ask all my clients for a testimonial or Google My Business review to feature on my site as there’s nothing like a good recommendation! This also includes a mention back to your website, which helps you out too. Now we’re both happy humans. 🙂