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What is an SEO Copywriter?

SEO copywriters are specialised writers who craft optimised web copy for digital and online purposes. The goal is to create content that drives traffic and audience action. For the content to perform, it must provide value to users and be written for people first, with essential SEO elements and the perfect balance of relevant target keyphrases.

Copy optimised for major search engines helps improve organic rankings and is carefully written to ensure it’s on-brand, engaging to the reader and meets the user’s search intent.

SEO copywriters understand how search works, the importance of keyword research and the value behind creative content that solves problems.

What Does an SEO Copywriter do?

Believe it or not, we do more than ‘just’ write all day! There’s more to creating great content than writing – wordsmithing is only part of the puzzle.

The job of an SEO copywriter is to understand people, how content appeals to them and what pulls on their emotional strings. It’s a fine art of knowing how to use headlines, words, phrases and paragraphs to persuade readers and inspire them to take action.

Copywriters and SEO copywriters often overlap. But website copywriters need the skills of both copywriting and SEO content writing to do the job.

How Much Copy is Enough Per Page?

From an SEO perspective, each landing page should have at least 400 words to help users (and search engines) understand what your content is about. There’s a common misconception Google rewards long-form content. However, although longer content has substantial SEO benefits, word count is not a ranking factor.

Studies by Ahrefs, HubSpot and CoSchedule show it’s not content length that ranks an article, but the authoritative and relevant backlinks correlated with length. This means long-form content is better for backlink acquisition with top-performing articles at 800 – 2500 words.

I find the sweet spot to be 550 – 1,500 words. But it depends on the content’s purpose, audience, intent and your business/industry. On average, the web pages and articles I write for clients are 450 – 6,500 words.

While it’s important to be conscious of the word limit, copy shouldn’t be fluffed-up for the sake of it. The goal of successful web copy is to ensure it satisfies your audience and solves their problems.

How Long Does the Copywriting Process Take?

Project times vary depending on your copywriting needs. As a general guide, a single page of 400-550 words could be completed within 2 days. Blog articles (600-800 words) could have a turnaround time of 3-5 days.

Some business owners can feel overwhelmed because of the amount of work they need to provide before the copywriter can begin.

But good copy begins with good information. The best way to gather the data is with a creative brief to unlock that copywriting gold. I’ll send this to you when I quote your project to gain a better understanding of your brand and nut out the finer details. I recommend clients spend at least 20-30 minutes on the creative brief, especially if the copy is for a new site. We can go over it together too, if you like.

My process time varies depending on the project size. Once I receive your enquiry I’ll ask some questions to create a personalised quote. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive the next steps to proceed, along with an invoice for your non-refundable 50% deposit (for projects over $1,000). Then I’ll book you in for the next available spot.

You’ll receive an initial ETA, but the definite deadline will be confirmed once the copywriting agreement is signed and the deposit paid.

Do I Need a Copywriter if I can Write?

It might be easy to write useful content for your brand if you have writing experience. However, SEO copywriting is a specialised form of writing that should only be done by a skilled professional who writes online content for customer engagement.

High-quality, well-performing web copy must be interesting, persuasive, and well-optimised for search engines; and it has to be done consistently. An SEO copywriter, such as myself, understands what is needed to connect with audiences and how search engines feel about the words and phrases used in your content.

Should I Use AI Tools for Creating More Efficient Content?

100% AI-written content is ‘rubbish’ for SEO and will be flagged by Google.

If you want to avoid damaging your brand, it’s vital to create audience-specific content tailored to the specific needs, wants and search intent of your end user —content that’s written by humans, for humans.

Copywriters and business owners cannot rely solely on AI tools for web copy, and you’ll still need the support of a specialised SEO copywriter to fine-tune your project.

Where Else can I Use the Supplied Copy?

Websites are often the starting point for the copy. Once ready to go, you may want to use your copy for other purposes like marketing collateral and social media snippets.

As soon as you pay the final invoice, your (my) words are there to use or tweak as you please.

Why Should I Use TLT for My Web Copy?

After resigning as the Senior Content Writer at a local SEO agency for 6 years, I started The Little Typewriter to help businesses create better content and connect with customers.

Through working with me you’ll gain valuable SEO tips and affordable optimised copy that’ll help you reach a wider audience and gain proven results. Why not Google me to see some of the happy clients I’ve helped?

If you want to know more about the human behind TLT, read my story under ‘about’ in the menu header.

How Much Does SEO Copywriting Cost?

Website copywriting rates vary in Australia.

Generally, SEO copywriting rates are between $70-$140 per hour but can be as high as $250. The final price is affected by factors such as the size of the project, complexity of the topic/industry, and experience and location of the copywriter.

The cheapest price isn’t necessarily the best, and what’s too good to be true probably is.

Great content is a tax-deductible investment. It plays an enormous part in how well your website performs and who of the right people see and interact with your brand. While affordability is always something to consider, weigh up costs vs value when choosing the right copywriter for you.

At the little typewriter, I prefer to charge clients for the project rather than an hourly rate, which works out more cost-effective for you. This includes a breakdown of costs and customised packages to ensure the best value for your business and project needs. Prices include time for research, writing, editing, proofing and project admin time.

Compared to other copywriters with similar experience (more than 15 years) my rates are reasonable because I write from a home office and have a work ethic that’s more client and success-driven than cost-driven.

See my website copywriting rates below.

What Do You Need from Me?

A professional SEO copywriter, like myself, will collect as much information as needed before writing web copy. This keeps the project outline clear for you and me, so nothing is lost in translation and the brand message and site goals stay on track.

I’ll need:

  • Description of product/services
  • Features and benefits for the customers, including what problems it solves
  • Top competitors
  • Business background
  • Website goals
  • Target audience and their needs
  • What makes your business different
  • SEO keyphrases you’d like to rank for and/or search terms your audience may be searching for your business online – don’t know? Don’t worry. I also offer keyword research as part of my copywriting services if you can’t provide search data

Tip: You don’t need to be a writer to provide this information. Simple bullet points are a good starting point to flesh out if there’s enough information. The more you provide, the better the process and outcome (even if they are in point form). 

A snapshot of the creative brief you'll receive when we work together.

How Do I Get Started? 

If you’re interested in working together – let’s talk more about your brand and copywriting needs. 

Send me an email with your project details and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours for a quote.

Have a question that’s not on this list? Please reach out to me and ask. 

We had a great experience with Jayde Walker at The Little Typewriter. Jayde was very thorough and informative in our first discussion which enabled us to navigate our desired pathway forward. The end result delivered way above our initial expectations. Thank you Jayde, look forward to working with you again. Regards Chris Rocci - GM @ Smith Broughton Auctioneers.
Chris Rocci
Chris Rocci
It was enjoyable and easy to collaborate with "the little typewriter copywriter". Jayde, is an amazing person to work with and her skills made our project come together within the set timelines. We highly recommend her for copywriting projects.
Colouron Cotton
Colouron Cotton
Excellent job done! Couldn't fault in anyway. Great communication skills, very good understanding of what we wanted to achieve for our web site. Would recommend The Little Typewriter and Jayde's creative writing skills to anyone wanting to improve their online presence.
sue Mountford
sue Mountford
The Little Typewriter is a big helper! I’ve enlisted Jayde to work on a number of content campaigns in the small business space and she always nails the brief. Her copy is clean and clever. She is very responsive and professional. Highly recommend.
Adam Bub
Adam Bub
We recently worked with the little typewriter to produce web site copy for a new business (My Plan Assist) and we could not be more happy with the result. Jayde took the time to get to know our brand, and from there she conducted extensive research before translating our brief into amazing copy. Jayde was professional, knowledgeable and extremely responsive. We were so thrilled with the result that we immediately commissioned the little typewriter to create further content for our blog to further enhance our web site. Highly recommend without hesitation. Samone, My Plan Assist
Samone Harwood
Samone Harwood
I've worked with Jayde for our content writing projects and can highly recommend her for her quality of work and professionalism.
Bill Tsouvalas
Bill Tsouvalas
Jayde just completed some fantastic content for our new website, we are extremally happy with what Jayde has done for us. Very professional and a quick turnaround time, we would highly recommend her services. Thank you Jayde - Shara & Trent
Delivered top quality content that was helpful with brand exposure! If you need content that delivers a message contact Little Typewriter
kahil tognela
kahil tognela
Jayde is one of the most professional and hard working people I have ever come across. Not only does she provide her clients with the highest standard quality of work, she does so with a positive and conscientious attitude. Jayde goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure that she provides exactly what they are looking for and no task is too much for her. Other businesses I have dealt with have not bothered to really get to know what myself as the client is looking for but the rare and unique thing about Jayde is that she really gets to know all her clients on a personal level and that is why you feel so comfortable with her. Jayde embodies everything a hard working, polite, professional should be. I would recommend Jayde a thousand times over and wish all the success in the world for her future projects and endeavours.
Georgia Good
Georgia Good
Jayde was great. Delivered exactly what she said she would with great copy that suited my business perfectly.
David Green
David Green
Jayde is a wonderful person to work with, especially if you have absolutely no basic knowledge of websites or computer "stuff". Jayde is patient, witty, supportive and never once made me feel like an idiot. I'm an intelligent woman at what I do, but computers and all the jazz were way over my head. Thank God for Jayde!! And I now have a fab website.
I engaged the little typewriter to write and design a short report. The experience was ultra professional and the output was beyond my expectations for both content and graphic design. Strongly recommend!
Sharon Melamed
Sharon Melamed
Jayde is a highly talented writer. She takes the time to understand her clients and delivers quality work every time. Always a pleasure to work with.
Mitchell Kelly
Mitchell Kelly
I am so happy to have crossed paths with Jayde and her company the little typewriter. She's helped me craft a professional worded email that not only reflects me and my business but did so quickly and easily. I can highly recommend her not only for large copywriting projects but also for small delicate assignments. Looking forward to working with Jayde more in the future!
Clare Martella
Clare Martella
Having worked with Jayde for nearly two years at Australian Property Investor Magazine, I have found her communication abilities and knowledge of the Australian property landscape to be impressive.It has been a pleasure working with Jayde in her role as a freelance writer for API. She is reliable, flexible and happy to make revisions when asked. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jayde to potential employees and wish her all the best in her future business endeavours.
Anna Cooper
Anna Cooper
Jayde has done an amazing job with our spystore blog :) We will continue working with her for all our blog needs in the future :) Thanks
Jing Jackson
Jing Jackson
Having worked with Jayde from the little typewriter for years, she has taken the time to get to know our company and customers extremely well. Jayde knows exactly how to pitch our services and products in a way that is fun, interesting and definitely not boring.We’ve really appreciated the time that goes into researching anything to do with Just in Time Gourmet and new product ranges we take on. Whether it’s a new blog post, producer or gourmet food products, we’ve always been extremely confident Jayde will have a creative way to write that reflects our own brand.We have no hesitation in recommending Jayde and TLT to showcase any business, their products or boost their brand. Yes, we can be a little biased when it comes to our own company, so it’s wonderful when you find someone that is as passionate about making your business a success as we are. Looking forward to our next project together!
Jodee Wearne
Jodee Wearne
We recently had Jayde Walker from TLC prepare a series of team member profiles for us for our new website. Would I recommend her services to others? . . . Absolutely!The service Jayde provided was excellent. We couldn't recommend her more highly, or be more pleased with the outcome.
Mapel Building
Mapel Building
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