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If you want to know what an SEO copywriter does, how much Australian copywriters charge or learn more about the copywriting process, check the answers below. 

What is an SEO Copywriter?

SEO copywriters are specialised writers who write content for people first and optimise for Google second.

Copy optimised for major search engines helps improve organic rankings and is carefully written to ensure it’s on-brand, engaging to the reader and targets the right keyword phrases. 

These copywriters understand search intent, the importance of keyphrase research and craft content that solves the reader’s problems. 

How Much Copy is Enough Per Page?

From an SEO perspective, each website landing page should have at least 350 words to position. There’s a common misconception Google rewards long-form content. However, although longer content has SEO benefits, word count is not a ranking factor. 

Studies by Ahrefs, HubSpot, CoSchedule and BuzzSumo show it’s not content length that ranks an article, but the authoritative and relevant backlinks correlated with length. Thus, long-form content is better for backlink acquisition with top-performing articles at 800 – 2500 words

Blog articles under my blog management services include 600-800 words but I also write long-form content.

Tip: Avoid aiming for a specific word limit as this often leads to fluffed-up pieces. Instead, make sure you cover the topic in full and only provide relevant information. The key is creating the best resource possible for your keyphrases, not to force long-form content. 

What Does an SEO Copywriter Do?

There’s more to creating great content than writing all day. 

The job of an SEO copywriter is to understand people and how content appeals to them. It’s a fine art of knowing how to use headlines, words, phrases and paragraphs to persuade readers and inspire them to take action. 

Copywriters and SEO copywriters often overlap. But website copywriters need the skills of both copywriting and SEO content writing to do the job.


How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?

Website copywriting rates vary in Australia. 

Generally, costs range from $70-$140 per hour but can be as high as $240. Final price is affected by factors such as the amount of research, number of pages, topic complexity, experience and location of the copywriter. 

Tip: The cheapest price isn’t necessarily the best. Think of good content as a tax-deductible investment which plays a big part in how effective your website is.

What Does Your Price Include? 

At the little typewriter, I prefer to charge clients for the project rather than an hourly rate, which works out more cost-effective for you. This includes a breakdown of costs and customised packages to ensure the best value for your business and project needs. Price includes time for research, writing, editing, proofing and meeting/talk time. 

Web copy is usually charged on a per-page basis. Depending on how much copy is needed a few hours for each page will be allocated. 

My blog management prices are from $800 a month, which includes 2-3 articles, a content topic plan and schedule. One-off blog articles are from $390. Prices include:

  • Heading and topic research and analysis 
  • 2 headline suggestions scored according to CoSchedule Headline Analyser 
  • 600-800 word article written with your industry, brand and audience in mind
  • Optimised HTML and content to include keywords, title tags and metadata (snippets of text that shows under search results in Google)
  • I run all content through Copyscape to ensure 100% originality 
  • Third-party edit
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Access to royalty-free images 
  • Structured, shareable and engaging articles
  • Targeted ideas and content strategy unique to your website
  • Links to relevant and high authority sites

Compared to other copywriters with similar experience (more than 15 years) my rates are reasonable because I work from home and have a work ethic that’s more client and success-driven than cost-driven. 

Learn more about my web copywriting rates and what I charge

How Long Does the Copywriting Process Take? 

Some small business owners struggle with the copywriting process because of the amount of work they need to do before the copywriter can begin. 

But good copy begins with good information. The best way to gather such data is with a creative brief Q&A to access those nuggets of copywriting gold. I’ll send this to you to create a quote and nut out the finer project details

My process time varies depending on project size. Once we agree on a cost, I’ll provide definite deadlines for each stage of the project. As a general guide, a single page of 400-550 words could be completed within 2 days if the information is provided upfront. Blog articles (600-800 words) could have a turnaround time of 4-7 days. 

I also recommend clients spending at least 20-30 minutes on the creative brief, especially if the copy is for a new site.  


What Do You Need From Me? 

A professional SEO copywriter, like myself, will collect as much information as needed before writing web copy. This keeps the project outline clear for you and me, so nothing is lost in translation and the brand message and site goals stay on track.

Details I may need from you are:

  • Description of product/services
  • Features and benefits for the customers, including what problems it solves 
  • Competition 
  • Business background
  • Website goals 
  • Target audience and their needs
  • What makes your business different
  • SEO keyphrases you’d like to rank for and/or search terms your audience may be searching for your business online – don’t know? Don’t worry. I also offer keyphrase research as part of my copywriting services if you can’t provide search data

Tip: You don’t need to be a writer to provide this information. Simple bullet points are a good starting point to flesh out if there’s enough information. Remember the more you provide the better the process and outcome, even if they are in point form.

Where Else Can I Use the Supplied Copy? 

Websites are often the starting point for the copy. Once ready to go, you may want to use your copy for other purposes like marketing collateral. 

As soon as you pay the final invoice, your (my) words are there to use or tweak as you please. Part of my service also includes free SEO advice so you can manage your site as you go. 

Why Should I Use the little typewriter for My Web Copy? 

After resigning as the Senior Content Writer at a local SEO agency for 6 years, I began the little typewriter to help businesses like yours create better content and connect with customers. 

Through working with me you’ll gain valuable SEO tips, affordable optimised copy and words that’ll help you reach a wider audience. Read my Google reviews for client feedback or see my portfolio

Don’t know who I am? Meet the Perth copywriter behind the little typewriter, Jayde Walker

How Do I Get Started? 

If you’re interested in working together – let’s talk!

Send me an email with your project details and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours for a quote.

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