Website Copywriting Rates

What do Australian copywriters charge for their services? Find out below.

1. How Much Should You Pay for a Web Copywriter?

Cost is a big consideration when you hire a copywriter. 

If you want the right words for your business, you’ll need to engage with a professional copywriter who’s qualified for the job and delivers value too. 

Most top clients don’t expect low fees for the services of real experts. 

But before you pay anyone, how do you determine the best content writer and website copywriting rates?

There are plenty of Australian copywriters who write for less money than what I charge. There are many who write for more. The question is, are you getting what you pay for?

2. How Much Does a Copywriter Charge?

In Australia, website copywriting rates are $50 – $200 per hour; a huge jump in cost differences if you’re a business owner weighing up budget. 

Let’s dive in a little deeper. 

According to The Clever Copywriting School, new copywriters with less than two years experience are at the bottom of this pay scale (or less). Mid-level copywriters with two-four years experience charge $100 – $130 per hour. 

Senior web copywriters who have more than four years experience (like myself) often charge up to $240 per hour with day rates of $1,000, particularly if they’re based in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.  

These costs include time for:

  1. Creative briefing and discussion 
  2. Researching your business, industry, competitors and target market
  3. Brainstorming and strategic concept 
  4. Writing the copy
  5. Two rounds of revisions, which also include discussing revision comments 
  6. Proofreading (both by the copywriter and third-party editor)
  7. General project admin such as emails and record-keeping
Quote by Davy Greenberg: edit: you owe me for the value and years, not the minutes.

3. What Factors Affect Website Copywriting Rates?

Australian web copywriters charge different rates depending on various factors. You might pay as much as $240/hr or as low as $40 – $50/hr for copywriting services. 

Factors are:


Seasoned web copywriters who have worked with different brands and varying industries offer you more experience than newbies.

When you hire me as your copywriter in Perth, you’ll have someone with more than 15 years experience on your team. I’m also certified with the SEO Content Institute and the Australian Writers Centre.  

Learn how my experience helps you


There are many areas to copywriting. Copywriting and SEO content writing regularly overlap, as copywriting for web is an interchangeable term with content writing (digital copywriting or web copywriting).

Web copywriting requires the skill set of both copywriting and SEO content writing to achieve project goals successfully. 


Search Engine Journal explains the difference; the primary goal of an SEO content writer is to generate organic traffic in Google through articles and web copy. Copywriters use words to convert traffic into leads and sales. 

Professional copywriters who have mastered niche fields and the art of writing for humans and search engines come at a higher cost. These web copywriters – or content marketers – are highly valuable to business owners. 

These writers, like myself, use their expertise to ensure your copy is SEO-friendly. After all, what’s the point of writing content for your target audience if they won’t see it? 

Copywriting for web relies on keyword research, competitor analysis and optimising the content, title tags, meta description, H1 tags, image alt tags and headline. Web copywriters strategically use (not stuff) in these places to cater to your audience and Google. 


Website copywriters in major cities may charge more than those living in rural areas. This covers higher rent (and more expensive caffeine).  


Those with more experience are in greater demand, which can come at an increased cost. 

Turnaround Time

Need your content sooner? Projects with a faster turnaround time will usually have a fee attached. A 24hr rush fee of 25% is common.

I pride myself on being flexible with my clients (or future/potential). But great content is worth the wait, which is why many good web copywriters book out weeks, sometimes months in advance. 

After we talk, my process begins with a creative brief to get the best understanding of your business, audience and copywriting goals.

Part of working a flexible schedule means I’ve incorporated some ‘slack time’ to help with this process. When a loyal client or new job comes up, there’s slack in my week to try and make it work.

If you’re pushing a tight deadline contact me for an estimated turnaround time and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Complex copywriting jobs or technical industries have a higher rate. Some copywriters will offer discounts or package deals to not-for-profit organisations regardless of the complexity or size of the copywriting job. 

Are you NFP? Speak to me about how I can help.

4. What Does TLT Charge?

My website copywriting rates vary according to the type of service you’re after but here are some ballpark figures to give you a guide. 

For long term content plans (3-6 months), I create customised packages to ensure my clients have the best value for money. This includes regular blog management with a content plan unique to your business from $980 a month (2-3 articles). Or one-off blog articles from $440 (600-800 words). Find out what these prices include.

If you need optimised web copy for your about, product, service or landing pages book a 15-20 minute discovery call so I can properly quote you. 

High-quality outreach articles and placement are $1,650 a month. I also offer one-off pieces. Learn about outreach and what I charge

My costs are reasonable compared to the average SEO copywriter with my experience because:

  • I’m a copywriter who doesn’t work for an agency. Agencies have higher overhead costs and pay their copywriters full time, even when they’re not working on your project. You only pay me when I work for you
  • I work from my home office with relatively low overhead expenses and a fairly tame caffeine addiction
  • My work ethic is more client and success-driven rather than cost-driven

Here’s a little insight into the value you get when we work together. 

I’ve been a professional copywriter in Perth for more than six years. Before then, I worked in media roles including 15+ years of music journalism. 

After resigning as the Senior SEO Content Writer at a local digital agency in 2019, the little typewriter (TLT) was born. 

I offer excellent long term value because of my combined expertise and experience in SEO copywriting, digital marketing, tracking and conversion, media, public relations and journalism.

This is important to create content specifically for your brand with your business goals in mind. Copy that’s logical, well-structured, engaging and optimised for your target audience and major search engines like Google. 

Many clients also value my publishing network for content outreach opportunities and collaborations.

Read my story to meet the person behind the little typewriter


5. What are You Really Paying for When You Hire a Web Copywriter? 

What great copywriters do is so much more than putting words on a page.

We are skilled with words and planning and monitoring content, but also have insight into human behaviour and how people consume and act on what they read.

When you hire an Australian copywriter, you’re paying for our knowledge, expertise, creative process, strategic planning and ability to apply these skills to you and your business needs. This reassurance that comes with using an experienced freelance copywriter is invaluable. 

Find out why you should partner with me

6. Why the Cheapest Web Copywriter isn’t the Solution 

Business owners who search for the lowest price usually get what they pay for. 

When you hire the little typewriter as your Perth-based web copywriter, content projects are quoted for on a project-by-project basis and are charged at a fixed price. An itemised list clearly outlining costs is supplied before starting the project. 

If you need cost-effective and highly-experienced web copywriting services, email with your project details or fill out this form. I’ll get back to you with a quote in 24 hours.

My Process:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

Let’s Talk.

After I’ve responded to your initial enquiry (within 24 hours) I’ll schedule a short introduction call to see if we’re a good fit. We’ll talk about your project details, budget and timeline. You can tell me about your business and ask any questions.


Brief + Quote.

Now we’ve had a quick chat, I have a good idea about what you do and the copy problems you need to solve. It’s time to talk business. 

Creative Brief

To tease out the copywriting gold I’ll email you a Q+A. This nuts out the finer details to define your project scope and vision. The more information you provide the better as this brief will set the course for the entire project. Need help with your creative brief? No worries – just let me know. 

Proposal + Quote

Once we’re both happy with the brief I’ll create a proposal/quote for you. Some projects fit into my regular prices, however, others are quoted specific to your needs. This includes a clear outline of expectations, an itemised list of what I’ll deliver, my earliest available start date and proposed project timeline and quote. 

Before I start working my magic the quote must be accepted, signed and returned with a 50% deposit. We’ll both have a copy of the agreement which includes my terms + conditions. This protects both parties and guarantees the work I create is used solely for you. Sign the dotted line and I start work.


What makes your business tick? Before I put pen to paper, I plan, strategise and understand your audience’s needs and wants, brand voice and key messages. I’ll research your competitors and customers to uncover the language they use and their search intent. I’m as passionate about your business, as I am about my own.



It’s time to write. 

You could spend hours running in the content writing hamster wheel. But, thankfully you don’t have to. I’m here to tell the world why your business matters through creative copy. I take what I’ve learnt through the brief and research and turn it into effective content, ensuring your brand’s story is consistent across all spaces.


After your first draft is finished any feedback will be incorporated. I’ll continue to tap away at the keys and work hard on your copy. 

The second review will be your chance to make final edits. Two rounds of revisions are included in TLT’s packages to fine-tune the copy. Revisions are edits that are made within the timeframe specified in your proposal and don’t deviate from the brief and project scope you signed off on.

If you need more changes they’ll be charged at an hourly rate. Creative briefs that are perfected from the start result in minimal edits through the refining stages.


Final Draft + Review. 

All revisions are satisfied and my copywriting work is complete. The final copy of your content is sent to you. 

By now you should be excited, buzzing at your desk like a typewriter on crack. Once the final invoice is paid and content accepted, the copyright is transferred to you and your (my) words are there to shout to the world.

Website Feature.

Happy with your content? I ask all my clients for a testimonial or Google My Business review to feature on my site as there’s nothing like a good recommendation! This also includes a mention back to your website, which helps you out too. Now we’re both happy humans. 🙂

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