Australian Property Investor

Freelancer copywriter for API Magazine - an online platform providing advice and resources on property investment to home buyers and investors.

The Story.

Editor of Australian Property Investor Anna Cooper and I first networked in 2017. Anna was after content from someone who understood the property market and I had the articles to provide, as well as experience in both Real Estate and web writing. Years later and a portfolio of work, API and I continue to work together on a regular basis. 

Article: How to Get into the Perth Property Market

Tips for homoeowners and investors looking to buy in Perth. Read the full article. If you’re a first time property investor, this piece offers pointers on what to consider.

Article: Fast-Tracking Your Retirement Through Property

Most Australians won’t retire with enough super to see them through. Property investment can be a safe way to build wealth and finance a happy retirement. But it’s a long term strategy that isn’t without risks. Here’s how you can fast-track your retirement through property.

Article: Which Strategy is Best for You? Top 7 Explained

Property investment can be approached from many angles. But before you dive in with thousands of dollars, it’s important to understand which investment strategy will work for you. Learn the benefits and risks for 7 top strategies